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In other words, the full loan amount and interest due [plus overdue fees and charges if any] will be automatically deducted from customers Kotak Bank account in the next month after which he check credit my availed the loan.

Loan Tenor Since this loan is a single installment loan [as explained check credit my, tenor of the loan will be from the date customer avails the loan see more the date of repayment in the next month. For example, a check credit my avails the loan of Rs 10, on 15th of December and the repayment date is set as 3 January In this case tenure for this loan will be 19 days.

Ready to take the next step. Frequently Asked Questions. How do I avail a Payday Loan. What is payday loan Kotak. What is the maximum loan amount to avail. What is the minimum loan amount to avail. You can get a loan for as little as Rs.

Where is the chec number on a credit card. Where can I check the annual fees of my credit card. Can I use my credit card for international transactions. Is there a renewal fee for my credit card. Where check credit my I use my contactless credit card.

What if I cross the credit limit on my credit card. What check credit my I do in case my credit card is lost or stolen. Why should you apply for a credit card at Loans greensky Finserv.

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