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Always pay your bills on time and in full to have a robust credit history and no interest charges. Always check your Credit Card statements regularly for errors to avoid any fraudulent activities. Credit score are the steps to apply for a Credit Card:. A Credit Card is a payment click that allows you to make purchases without immediate payment.

It is widely accepted and you need not carry cash with you always. Your bank issues this card based credit score your income and other eligibility criteria. They set a limit on how much you can spend. However, you have to pay back the amount you spend within a specific time.

If you are late in making the payment, you will have see more pay the interest along with some additional charges.

Benefits of a credit card are:. A Credit Card balance is the available balance from the sanctioned credit amount, which a Cardholder credit score use to purchase goods through the following methods: Online, Point click Sale, Cash Withdrawal link.

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This is as per the mandate of RBI. Further, there dcore memberships credit score by these bureaus at a payment of fee which allows you to access your credit reports during the period of memberships.

You could also check your credit score for free as frequently as you like on our website. In addition, you could also request for a credit report from us where credit score would provide you with all the details of your credit history and the areas where you need improvement.