competitive rate of interest

Competitive rate of interest

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Get in touch with Source Capital click here, and read on for a comprehensive guide on how to get a hard money loan in San Francisco. A hard money loan is an asset-based alternative that uses real property as a form of collateral. Unlike traditional competitive rate of interest loans that perform credit checks, background checks, and personal history reviews, hard money lenders skip those invasive steps and look at the property at stake.

Intrest money lenders use assets, such as a retirement account, real estate, home equity, compeyitive personal property, as collateral in the event of a default. Our private money lenders are much more interested rage your property and its potential value than your financial and personal past. Those interested in investing in real estate in San Francisco should look at hard money lenders for financing.

Through real estate investing, you can start to build equity, supplement your retirement plan, and maintain a flexible work-life competitive rate of interest.